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Mehandi is a traditional and exciting pre-wedding ceremony. In Indian weddings, a lot of emphasis is given to customs and ceremonies. This function has become such an important part of the wedding ceremony that to not have this ceremony is unimaginable. The bride's Shringar is incomplete without the beautiful mahendi – an irreplaceable part of the sixteen adornments. In any Indian wedding, mehndi is a must. The elaborate dresses and jewels are always incomplete without the perfectly crafted mehandi.

Wedding mehandi ceremony happens before the actual wedding. As per the custom, the bride does not go outside of the house after this function. This function is basically organized by the family of the bride and is generally a private undertaking. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and energy. A millennial bride’s mehandi design today consists of awe-inspiring art, which is a trendsetter in itself.

Stunning wedding mehandi is a delicate harmony of shapes and patterns: graceful peacocks, plump mangoes, and tiny letters mixed musically into a establishment of twists and vines.

Bridal mehndi designs today are going through a big makeover. Raju is an expert with the versatility to ensure that you leave as satisfied as possible. The art he creates is meant to he as current or as traditional as one wants. His skill and creativity is impeccable, and you’ll be more than happy with the beautiful mehandi you’ll be sure to get.