Wedding Mehandi Artist

Is Wedding only related to the Bride and the Groom ?

The season of wedding brings a lot of happiness, not only to the couple who is getting married but to both the families who are equally engaged in the whole process.Wedding is bound by different types of ceremonies which includes: Haldi Ceremony, Mehendi Ceremony, Sangeet, Engagement , Sagan, Marriage, Reception.

We as the upcoming generation are more likely concerned about our pre-wedding shoots.The most liked by the Bride and girl tribe, is the mehandi ceremony, as it is the most enjoyable and gathered ceremony from all other functions.

MEHENDI CEREMONY Doesn’t matter, you belong to the bride's family or the groom’s, your Mehendi multiplies and beautifies your look in every event.Mehndi includes everything from assembling floral jewellery to choosing a lovely mehndi design for the big day.Even the dance performances are graced by the look of Mehndi. It glorifies your performance.Girls including the Bride color their hands according to their choices. Some of them like to have a pinch of it in their palms such as a simple bail, while others want to design their hands full of Mehndi.

You want to select the best Mehndi artist, who can beautify your big day with his/her Mehndi designs.Here are some designs you can refer to for the wedding ceremony:The ones who don’t like to apply much can design their palms by a pinch of mehndi like this. It adds an elegant look to your outfit as well.

This design is for the ones who love to apply henna equally in front and at the back of the hand. It gives a stunning look with lehenga or gown. It can be applied on small functions like sangeet or engagement. This is for the ones who love to have variations in their mehndi designs.This is a designer mehndi which can be applied by a group of friends or cousins for twinings.A group picture of Bride’s friends with all variations of mehndi in a single frame.Except from mehndi, there are various ceremonies to enjoy at the occasion of wedding. Applying Mehndi in wedding will give you a different sense of satisfaction of looking adorable amongst all.